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Get inmate calls from prison or county jails!

Get cheap prison phone calls from your inmate free of charge. If you love us you can upgrade and pay for additional features at any time. Don't trust websites that charge high monthly fees or ask for payment upfront. Inmate calls should not be expensive.


At Pigeonly, we strive to provide our customers with the most cost effective services to reach their loved ones. A few reasons we stand out from our competition include:

30 Day Free Trial.

No Hidden Fees/Setup Fees.

Live Customer Service Reps.

Approved for County, State, & Federal Institutions.


Bait & Switch Tactics.

High Up Front Costs & Setup Fees.

No Customer Support.

No Free Plan/Low Cost Plan.


Get a local number

Sign up and we'll instantly provide you with a phone number that is local and approved by the facility where the inmate is located

How it Works


Start making calls

Give you inmate the number we provide you and all your calls will be charged at a local rate, instead of long distance, saving you money.


Set up prepaid account

If needed, register the number we provide with the jail/prison phone service provider and fund the prison account for the inmate to call you.

We'll help you get set up

Think of us as your personal assistant. First, we’ll get you the lowest calling rate possible for inmate phone service. Next, we’ll help establish your account with Securus, Global Tel Link (GTL), or whatever prison phone system is used at your inmate's prison or jail. Then, we’ll confirm that your number is working to receive calls, and answer any questions you may have. Trust us to help with all of your needs to stay in touch with your loved one.

Get cheap inmate calls from prison or jail - it’s not impossible

If you have an incarcerated loved one in jail or prison, staying in contact can be challenging. At Pigeonly, we make it easy to locate an inmate and save money on calls from State Prisons, County Jails of Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP).

Many prisons and jails require you to sign up with an official provider such as Securus, Global Tel Link (GTL) or IC Solutions before even connecting with your inmate. Finding an inmate phone service can be complicated and expensive. We are here to help you cut through the red tape, start saving money and focus on what’s important: your inmate.

Every day, our team members provide families with free telephone numbers that allow inmates to place a call through the prison phone company and get the lowest rates possible. We will work with you to ensure your number is working and your account remains in good standing with Securus, Global Tel Link (GTL) or IC Solutions.

How are Pigeonly’s Inmate Solutions different from others?

No one has time for hidden fees, deceptive billing, or abusive phone rates. What you do have time for are our easy, low-cost ways to show your inmate love through phone calls, free photos and text messages. Create your Pigeonly account now to see how much better life can be. As promised above, it is possible.